Sounds with Nature, in wonderful Gougane Barra, Ireland
VR 01 mei | 19.00-13.00 uur | Gougane Barra, Ireland

01 mei 2020 t/m 03 mei 2020 |
177,50 | 177,50 PROGRAM PRICE; incl food, drinks € 242,50; info about travel and lodging: Marieke Bosman.

Ireland is traditionally known for its ancient wisdom and musicality, connected with the forces of nature. 

Nature and Sound support you in being present. Without the turmoil of the mind. From your heart, open, without expectations and interpretations. So deeper layers may resound from Nature and empower your natural state of being. In this direct contact we want to be consciously present, in connection with the participants and other observing beings.

Concerts.  Experience the cultures and energies, expressed through different instruments. Follow the sounds of the music. Be open to the experiences that present themselves, even if you partly understand them. When we experience the journey in our own unique way, we enrich each other.

As musicians we are servant to perceiving. From here we sound and confirm the present beings in their existence, in direct contact. Nature beings gave us the following four themes: perceiving nature beings, affirming existence, acting, stand up for it.


Frank Schagen: Yoga and Qi Gong exercises; sound meditations; sound concerts. Professionally trained guitarist and specialist in environmental hygiene; guitarist, performer, yoga - Qi Gong teacher. 

Eric van Grootel, Bearclaw:  workshops ‘Subtle sound awareness’, 'shamanic breathing'; sound meditations; sound concerts. Profesionally trained singer and philosopher; teacher, performer, director, choir conductor, author in many countries.

Yael: nature meditation; sound meditation; sound concerts. Space holder of the weekend.  Inspirator,  writer,  management support.

Marieke Bosman: Heart in Nature walk; main organisation. Professional teacher, social worker, heart inspirator, in Ireland:

Travel and lodging

Marieke Bosman  connectaheartfeltconnection 

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Gougane Barra, Ireland

Gougane Barra, Ireland

Eric van Grootel, Blackbear
ericvangrootel AT gmail DOT com

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